PHPurple 0.1.0 pre-alpha is released

Shreevatsa R shreevatsa at
Mon Mar 3 17:53:26 EST 2008

* Quoting Anatoliy Belsky who at 2008-03-03 21:41:41+0100 (Mon) wrote
> The situation in the PHP world is so, that the projects for the most part 
> aren't GPL'ed. Because of the "spirit" (Sascha Vogt ;)) of it's license, it 
> may be easy reused and commercialized. I'm not a lawer, and i wan't to be it, 
> but I've never get stucked on such things with any of PHP scripts. I wanna 
> simply write good software. Does it make sense, if its use is then 
> restricted?
> The other (and not the least) part of my thougts is - i wanna to make good use 
> of the PHPurple, even commercially. As I've had a minimal working example 
> (after about 1,4 months I've started), I've already had an offer about the 
> use in a commercial project. I've already 2 people who would use it in their 
> noncommercial (but not GPL'ed) projects. It works, it will work (but I've no 
> any GPL projects claims at all) ... libpurple developers are cool ... but 
> think about it, which commercial project will become GPL'ed ever??? who would 
> want this? they will simply do not use the binding .. but with the license 
> below, they may use the binding ... hm, is this bad? there are such things, 
> there are such projects ... yeah, it's not GPL, but such things do exist ...: 
This has been said before, but to clarify:

1. The GPL does not place restrictions on use, only distribution. This
means that your commercial projects could use your bindings equally well
irrespective of whether you use the GPL or BSD licence.

2. If they were to distribute some work based on your bindings, then
that work would be a derivative work of libpurple too, and irrespective
of what licence *your* bindings used, the terms of the GPL would oblige
their project to be distributed under the GPL as well.

So in either situation, even if you had the choice to licence your
bindings under the BSD licence, it would not change anything. That you
do not actually have the choice is another matter (and irrelevant, as

Shreevatsa R

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