PHPurple 0.1.0 pre-alpha is released

Anatoliy Belsky thinker at
Mon Mar 3 18:15:20 EST 2008

so ok, the idea came to my mind - if I just fork the pidgin project (simply as 
im client project), and then make the php binding based on that new one, 
giving the php project a special permission to have a whatever license. could 
it work?

On Monday 03 March 2008 23:53, Shreevatsa R wrote:
> * Quoting Anatoliy Belsky who at 2008-03-03 21:41:41+0100 (Mon) wrote
> > The situation in the PHP world is so, that the projects for the most part
> > aren't GPL'ed. Because of the "spirit" (Sascha Vogt ;)) of it's license,
> > it may be easy reused and commercialized. I'm not a lawer, and i wan't to
> > be it, but I've never get stucked on such things with any of PHP scripts.
> > I wanna simply write good software. Does it make sense, if its use is
> > then restricted?
> >
> > The other (and not the least) part of my thougts is - i wanna to make
> > good use of the PHPurple, even commercially. As I've had a minimal
> > working example (after about 1,4 months I've started), I've already had
> > an offer about the use in a commercial project. I've already 2 people who
> > would use it in their noncommercial (but not GPL'ed) projects. It works,
> > it will work (but I've no any GPL projects claims at all) ... libpurple
> > developers are cool ... but think about it, which commercial project will
> > become GPL'ed ever??? who would want this? they will simply do not use
> > the binding .. but with the license below, they may use the binding ...
> > hm, is this bad? there are such things, there are such projects ... yeah,
> > it's not GPL, but such things do exist ...:
> This has been said before, but to clarify:
> 1. The GPL does not place restrictions on use, only distribution. This
> means that your commercial projects could use your bindings equally well
> irrespective of whether you use the GPL or BSD licence.
> 2. If they were to distribute some work based on your bindings, then
> that work would be a derivative work of libpurple too, and irrespective
> of what licence *your* bindings used, the terms of the GPL would oblige
> their project to be distributed under the GPL as well.
> So in either situation, even if you had the choice to licence your
> bindings under the BSD licence, it would not change anything. That you
> do not actually have the choice is another matter (and irrelevant, as
> above).

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