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Luke Schierer lschiere at pidgin.im
Wed Mar 5 13:08:35 EST 2008

c. helder wrote:
> Hi. I am going to be a developer. I have to do a proyect because I am 
> ending my degree. I have decided to make pidgin better. I have never 
> work in a free software proyect. I have never work in c++ language. It 
> is the main language of pidgin. Or not? Yes, I know C and Java, so I 
> think won't be defficult form me to learn this new language.
> First of all, I have to read the wiki page. My english is not perfect, 
> so I am serching to someone who can help me for that. Are there somebody 
> who speak spanish like me?
> I will send to you all the tickets? I want to do...
> Thanks!

Welcome, feel free to pick a ticket or issue and work to create a patch 
for it, then submit it via the tracker.

I'm not sure though where you got the impression that Pidgin is in C++, 
as it is not, it is in C.


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