feature request

Marcus Hecht marcus at ecotrust.org
Fri Mar 7 14:25:29 EST 2008

Hello, in response to the latest news item I am going to attempt to 
request a feature change and explain why.

I miss the old animated keyboard icon in the upper right hand corner 
denoting that someone is currently typing. The new "in window" system is 
fine, but the icon in the upper right was much easier to see instead of 
having it pop in and out of the message window amidst all the messages.

What would be really great, would be to put the typing icon on the 
conversation tab. That way when you have multiple conversations going - 
you can quickly and easily see who is currently typing and be able to 
flip to the appropriate incoming message.


Marcus Hecht
Assistant Network Administrator/Webmaster
marcus at ecotrust.org          503-467-0762

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