GSoC idea : WebPurple platform

Witold Slizowski witold.slizowski at
Wed Mar 19 15:01:52 EDT 2008

Orphis wrote:
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> With today enterprise firewalls becoming more and more restrictive, 
> using some IM client while at work (for development purpose with remote 
> co-workers obviously) as become quite difficult. 
> (...)
> firewall they've used blocked every outbound connection if it wasn't 
> initiated on port 80, in other words for the HTTP protocol. That's why I 
> think there is a need for a web messaging platform.
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Do not you think it would be easier just to find any jabber server that 
works on the port 80? (for example ). But I am 
not sure if those services use "classic" XMPP connections working on 
different port or maybe HTTP binding that would be much more difficult 
to block on firewalls...

Witold Slizowski

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