Yahoo TLC! as SOC project

Sulabh Mahajan at
Thu Mar 20 12:03:50 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,

I would like to work on improving Yahoo! implementation as an SOC project.

Who else is working on Yahoo? I do not see many guys discussing Yahoo over
IRC  :-(
Has there been any development on Yahoo! after the latest release, pidgin
2.4.0 ?

I am already working upon MSN integration. I tried changes in code to allow
processing the protocol information and was successful in introducing
support to add and  remove MSN buddies, initiate conversations with MSN
users, etc. Receiving sms through Yahoo protocol is also working fine, but
need to work on sending them. As discussed on IRC, the UI needs to be
changed to provide more information while adding buddies or sending sms. A
cleaner design needs to be worked upon rather than implementing a quick

Another feature that I have seen under Wireshark is signing into a mobile
while logging out. It does not use ymsg protocol, but can be worked upon.
I have not yet looked into newer status keys, will be doing it as soon as I
get some positive feedback from the community. :-)

It will be nice if you guys can help me prepare a list of changes that need
to be done. Let me know the features you guys are missing in pidgin's yahoo

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