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Thu Mar 20 05:20:05 EDT 2008

tor 2008-03-20 klockan 01:31 -0400 skrev Nikita Pchelin:
> Hi,
> I am interested in working on the "Implementing videoconference and 
> VoIP" project,
> as outlined on the FutureSOCProjects page; i've got several questions 
> about it:
> 1. Has any work been done on the project, or is it meant to be started 
> from scratch?
> 2. Are there any guidelines to the project (i.e. what do you want to see 
> implemented by
> the end of the summer).

Hi, I assume you are nithinkumary2k in the XMPP MUC.
As I said there, I have done some work towards implementing voice
support for XMPP. I have made two patches against im.pidgin.pidgin.vv
branch, it's most recent that is the current one (the first should not
be applied.

I'm planning on continuing working on this in my spare time. The
question is where would be a good starting point for a GSoC project.

Some things that come to my mind:

* Video support, including implementing Jingle video and an API for
video calls and switching between media streams (ie. turning on/off
video and audio when in a call).

* UI improvments in Pidgin, better device detection (and possibility to
use for example a static image or maybe even a prerecorded video if you
don't have a video device).

* Maybe an API for sending voice messages (ie. voice mail, like for
example MSN's "voice clips").

* Plugin interface for audio and video streams with some example plugins
like "effects plugin".

* Implementing support for other protocols than XMMP/Jingle (you mention
Yahoo). AFAIK there is MSN and Yahoo webcam/video conference plugins in
Farsight (the media transport streaming API we're currently using), but
they are not updated to support newer versions of Farsight. Also I don't
know about the status of Farsight 2 (which has a different API) and if
it's stable. Maybe we should move over to that in a not too distant

* Audio conferencing, voice calls involving more than two clients (which
protocols support it?). This will probably require Farsight 2 AFAIK.

I don't if some of these might be good GSoC projects, maybe...


> Thanks a lot,
> Nikita
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