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casey at casey at
Sat Mar 22 18:21:07 EDT 2008


I am finishing my Junior year of College, and have been using Pidgin for a
while now, both at home and at work. I am interested in learning more
about building the Pidgin frontend for Windows. I currently work in a
company where our primary development is Windows based, with VS6.0 and
VS.Net with a heavy MFC codebase. I am still learning my way around the
MFC architecture and how to do things the appropriate way, but I believe
that this would be an interesting opportunity.

I am particularly interested at this time in how the SOC process would
work within the Pidgin development community. What would my interaction
with the development process look like between myself and my mentor? I
know that the SOC is only about three months time, how much of that would
I be expected to work and what if I am unable to finish it? Would it be
something that I could continue to work on afterward? I have other
questions, but I think this will suffice for now.

Thank you,

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