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Sat Mar 22 18:57:14 EDT 2008

casey at wrote:
> I am particularly interested at this time in how the SOC process would
> work within the Pidgin development community. What would my interaction
> with the development process look like between myself and my mentor? I
> know that the SOC is only about three months time, how much of that would
> I be expected to work and what if I am unable to finish it? Would it be
> something that I could continue to work on afterward? I have other
> questions, but I think this will suffice for now.

The interaction between student and mentor is usually determined by the student
and mentor by finding what works best for them.  Ideally, there would be a lot
of communication in public, such as on this mailing list, in the IRC channel, or
in the XMPP conference.

A native win32 UI *is* a large undertaking.  We don't expect perfection in just
the three months of SoC, and we would expect continued involvement of the
student after the summer finished, as none of our current active developers have
enough MFC experience to maintain the code.

I think a reasonable set of expectations for the SoC project would be:
 - Functional buddy list with status icos (preferably the same icons as Pidgin uses)
 - IM and chat conversations with a similar interface to Pidgin.  Tabbed windows
would be great, but I think that shouldn't necessarily be a hard requirement.
 - Preferences window at least comparable to Finch.
 - Working sound notifications.  Much of this code can probably be borrowed from
WinPidgin and tweaked as appropriate.

Anyone else have additional thoughts?


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