New Sound Event

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Mon Mar 24 11:39:26 EDT 2008

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 12:04:29AM -0600, Damian Eads wrote:
> >  Back to your original proposal, this could be done as a plugin, but I'm
> >  not sure you're gonna find someone to write it for you. ;-)
> I'm not trying to find someone to write it. I'm just throwing the idea
> out there in case a seasoned developer of the project finds such a
> feature useful. Not knowing anything about the design of Pidgin, it
> might take weeks, hours, or minutes. I'm tempted to go and look at the
> code myself and try coming up with a patch. It's not the
> implementation I don't have time for but learning the architecture of
> yet another library.
> Thanks anyway,
> Damian

This is definitely something that is better suited to a plugin than to a
patch, there is the smartear plugin which attempts to do some more
intelligent things with sound notifications (though I'm not at all sure
what at the moment as I haven't looked at it in ages). That being said a
plugin to do what you suggest would likely not take more than a day (two
at the most) for someone comfortable with C and glib (maybe GTK+ but
likely isn't necessary), and that includes pidgin plugin/API ramp up time.
Probably even less, especially if the smartear plugin is extendable for
this in a straightforward fashion.


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