[GSoC 2008]Is there some guy on 'Topical Reference Tools '?

Zhang shunchang freebsd13 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 04:04:26 EDT 2008

hi all,

i have read this idea on the wiki(
http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/FutureSOCProjects), and find it a cool idea
of Pidgin!
topical reference tool should be related to  AI, IR(Information Retrieval)
and NLP(Natrual Language Processing) etc. My current research interests
includes IR,NLP and Computing Linguistic, and i am very interested in this

i have some thoughts about this idea:
1.In theory
some techniques about IR, such as keywords query in all natrual languages
and even  some inference through syntax analyses in other  languages(such as
Chinese), but its hard to process according to my experience. But you guy
who proposed this idea may not think of this, maybe just a simple string
match. We can just implement a basic framework at first step, and then
strenghen it, IMO.
2. In immplementation
a. we can use the D-Bus to communicate in the low level.
b.use the GTK+/GLib to draw the UI, might be dependent
c.plugin techniques(on the pidgin develop wiki)
d. some other things

btw: about me, i am a student now in GUCAS(Graduate University of Chinese
Academy of Sciences), and my study has been mentioned above. I have ported
the pidgin to some other platforms and did some hacks during my internship,
and i like pidgin very much:). As a successful participatant of GSoC2007,  i
want to be a student or a mentor of this idea this year(if i am qualified
and there is no mentor). please refer to my homepage(
http://www.cipsc.org.cn/~zsc) for more details about me. i often lurk on
IRC: ZhangSC at freenode.net. This is the first time i post a message in the
devel-list, forgive me for rudeness.


Happy Hacking
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