cant get purple_conv_im_send to work

Dipankar Sarkar dipankarsarkar at
Tue Mar 25 17:26:51 EDT 2008

Hi pidgin-devs

I picked up nullclient.c from the example and wanted to build a simple reply
bot, i changed the following

/*** Conversation uiops ***/
static void
null_write_conv(PurpleConversation *conv, const char *who, const char
                        const char *message, PurpleMessageFlags flags,
time_t mtime)
        const char *name;
        if (alias && *alias)
                name = alias;
        else if (who && *who)
                name = who;
                name = NULL;

        printf("(%s) %s %s: %s\n", purple_conversation_get_name(conv),
                        name, message);
        purple_conv_im_send(PURPLE_CONV_IM(conv),"Hi"); // Added this line


What happens is that the message starts to repeat itself and floods my user
(tested it on jabber), i have been unable to get it to work.
Can someone point to some documentation that can explain what is happening
.... i really wanna understand this better

(It has happened across all the versions of libpurple i tried, from 2.2.1 to

Dipankar Sarkar
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