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Dave Wood dave at
Wed Mar 26 15:48:19 EDT 2008

On (22:38 24/03/08), Erik Jonsson <erijo130 at> put forth the proposition:
> Hi!
> As a Summer of Code project, I'd like to implement support for peer-to-peer
> file transfers in the MSN protocol. I've been using gaim/pidgin for several
> years and the lack of this feature has been bugging me all the time.

Me too. What's the point in having Nmb connection speed when you are
limited by the 5k/s that msn transfers via msn servers seem to have?

> If I got things right, improving MSN support has been a SoC task both 2006
> and 2007, but they didn't result in much usable code. The reason I will
> succeed better is that instead of trying to fix everything and end up with
> nothing usable, I will focus on one thing and do it well. I believe that
> Miranda already has this feature, so maybe I can look at how they did it.
> Is this a good idea?

It is from my pov as a normal user who regularly gets sent files via my
windows/msn using friends.

> /Erik Jonsson

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