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MonoApe monoape at
Thu May 1 09:56:03 EDT 2008

Allan Clark wrote:
> I'm not sure if the adversarial posture helps inspire others...

Probably not - reading the bug report it's evident that this issue is closed, so I was more venting than hoping to achieve what dozens of others had failed to do and persuade the devs to accommodate the wishes of many users.  Also, rekkanoryo's post, that I responded to, just 'pressed a button'.  Whatcha gonna do?

I won't reply to the other individual responses - a waste of time for all and just a continuing pissing competition which has already descended in to ad hominem (our resident psychologist has diagnosed me as delusional, apparently).  However, please don't take silence for agreement or capitulation.

One general comment: if any dev involved in an OSS project starts complaining about (lack of) money, methinks you're in the wrong game.  What did you expect?  Either come up with a business plan for monetisation or do it for the love it.  One or the other, but moaning about not getting paid is the weakest of responses.

One other general comment - operating a mailing list and not a forum isolates the project from 'average' users.  Mailing lists, in comparison to forums, are 'techy' and inaccessible.  If the intention is to reduce community input, mailing lists are the way to go.  Similarly, IRC channels act as an effective filter to keep out most users.

As you were.

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