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Moritz 'Morty' Strübe morty at
Thu May 1 05:26:02 EDT 2008

To avoid misunderstandings: I'm not a pidgin-dev, but I have my own 

Praveen Markandu schrieb:
> however some devs do think that as long as pidgin serves THEIR needs
> its fine. they maybe only use IRC and AIM and Jabber. they would then
> go on telling you how MSN sucks and its the worst protocol ever. if
> you need me to explain the flaw in their mentality i guess you have
> the same problem. it could be the worst protocol ever (i probably wont
> disagree with you) but tones of people use it anyway.

Let me think. How much did you pay the devs? Nothing? Right! I therefore 
think they owe you nothing. They are doing their work for fun and for free.
I also don't think any of them force you to use pidgin. You are free to 
use any other multi messenger out there or even MSN if you wish. And 
it's really not the dev's fault that you can't code. But you can at 
least pay someone to code. To expensive?

No, I really think it's the few close minded -devs- users (I'm too lazy 
to cite the next paragraph) that really do no good, in thinking that 
they can get stuff for free and still have a right to complain. And 
there is a big difference between complaining and arguing!

My two cent.



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