Sending files in Pidgin

Stin smox2k at
Sat May 3 09:55:17 EDT 2008

I have had no luck browsing the website for this answer...

What considerations should I take to ensure file transfer works correctly?

I send a file (200KiB) and it send a few bytes and just stops.

I am using no proxies, though I do have a good firewall.

I can find no reference to ports, protocols, or even best practices whilst
using Pidgin.

I am sending to another Pidgin client of same version.

- Stin

PS: Your support site could do with better end-user support like a searchable
database that uses meta-data or just using better English for the questions.
(Do you use American English or real English??)

Sorry if I seem angry, I just thought that an open source program would be
developed before being released.

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