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David K. Bainbridge davidk.bainbridge at gmail.com
Sat May 3 21:04:58 EDT 2008

Thanks Stephen, Control+M does seem to do what I want, although I am not 
a fan of dialog windows as a UI mechanism.

So taking this back to a labels on buddies ...

Has anyone given any real thought to this idea. The best I can think of 
is adding labels in a similar fashion to aliases (i.e., you can specify 
then when you add a buddy or have a menu item to edit labels. I suspect 
entry of labels must allow you to select one or more labels which have 
already been defined as well as dynamically create new ones. The ability 
edit the existing labels (delete, create, etc) separate from working 
with a buddy would probably be required as well.

As far as using, it might be that tags create "dynamic" group chats 
which are shown in the buddy list (one chat group per label) or a group 
can be specified based on labels. Not sure how x-protocol chats might work.

Using the Control+M search for labels would be good as well. This would 
allow a filter type capability for buddies with one or more label.

I suspect this is not a capability that could be added via the plug-in 
API, but then as a newbie I may be completely incorrect.



Stephen Eilert wrote:
> The "new instant message"  command (bound to Control + M by default) 
> will also do incremental searches.
> Stephen
> Francois Botha wrote:
>> Sascha Vogt wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> David K. Bainbridge schrieb:
>>>> I have been using Pidgin for a while and very much like the tool. One 
>>>> problem I am having is that I have so many buddies in my list that it is 
>>>> often difficult to locate the one I would like to find. I am aware that 
>>>> I can use the "Add Buddy" buddy option to locate a buddy, but what I 
>>>> would really find useful is a text field at the top/bottom of the buddy 
>>>> list into which I can type a name/alias and that would filter the buddy 
>>>> list based on matches. This would allow me to quickly locate the person 
>>> There is something which might help you:
>>> Try typing while you have the buddy list active. A little search window
>>> should pop up and the first match should be selected.
>>> To cycle through the matches use your mouse scroll-wheel or I think
>>> PageUp and PageDown should also do the trick.
>>> HTH
>>> Greetings
>>> -Sascha-
>> AFAIK, a bug in the GTK stuff made this feature useless (at least on 
>> Win32).  I also remember a previous request for a more fully fledged 
>> buddy search function, which I second.
>> regards,
>> Francois
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