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Allan Clark allanc at
Sat May 3 12:54:29 EDT 2008


> PS: Your support site could do with better end-user support like a
> > searchable
> > database that uses meta-data or just using better English for the
> > questions.
> > (Do you use American English or real English??)
> It is a wiki, if it fails to live up to your expectations, it is because
> you have failed to contribute to it.

But what about search?  The question made me curious.

The Trac engine *does* reach wiki pages if the search matches.  Either the
searcher didn't use a good search term, or there are simply not enough
matches.  Maybe the searcher could try a bit more, and if the search terms
don't get matches, can create a page, check for mailing list archives,
generate some content, and solicit responses from this list?  Even
generating a wiki page is a contribution of the greater-than-zero variety...

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