Sending files in Pidgin

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Sat May 3 10:38:48 EDT 2008

Stin wrote:
> I have had no luck browsing the website for this answer...
> What considerations should I take to ensure file transfer works correctly?
> I send a file (200KiB) and it send a few bytes and just stops.
> I am using no proxies, though I do have a good firewall.
> I can find no reference to ports, protocols, or even best practices whilst
> using Pidgin.
> I am sending to another Pidgin client of same version.
> - Stin

You have neglected to mention key facts like the protocol involved, and 
the version involved.

> PS: Your support site could do with better end-user support like a searchable
> database that uses meta-data or just using better English for the questions.
> (Do you use American English or real English??)

It is a wiki, if it fails to live up to your expectations, it is because 
you have failed to contribute to it.

> Sorry if I seem angry, I just thought that an open source program would be
> developed before being released.

Open source means that the development happens in the open, and that you 
can download the source and modify it.  It guarantees nothing else.  In 
this case, Pidgin happens to work, even for file transfer, for a number 
of people.  But file transfer has never really been a priority, and 
exists primarily because interested users have submitted patches.  If 
you really want it to work better than it does now, I suggest you open 
up a text editor and start working on it.


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