Sending files in Pidgin...

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Mon May 5 11:44:01 EDT 2008

Stin wrote:
> I like how you blame other people for the lack of stability in the application
> :) LOL!!!
> Please bear in mind that I am a user in this context, NOT a developer...
> Different programming outlook - I can't invade someone else's code as I don't
> have the same idea in mind... How do I know if you guys would code it the same
> as I would, it's not very likely, is it?
No, that's why people agree on some common coding standards. If you were 
ever part of a team (homework does not count), then you would understand.
> What language is Pidgin written in anyway, it looks like a Linux app running on
> my Windoze desktop! :)
The language does not matter, specially since you are not a Pidgin 
developer (and neither am I). But since you asked, it's C.

Except for the Open File dialog, Pidgin looks like a Windows application 
to me.
> I'm used to coding and testing a program all by myself, until it's done...
> Completely finished. It only takes a few months for a lot of the stuff.
Pidgin is completely finished for many people. Also, I doubt your 
programs had the scope of Pidgin. Plus, it is likely that you didn't 
have to reverse-engineer proprietary protocols that are continuously 
> As regards to my question, you don't know then??
> Has anyone else had issues transferring files, or is it just me and my friend??
This is being adressed in other replies.
> Again, neither of us are C/C++/C#/Perl/Python developers, my friend even less
> so.
> Also, how can I contribute to the Wiki if I don't know anything about the
> program??
So start learning. When you have learned enough, you are then able to 
contribute. You don't have to look at the code.
> I've always been sceptical of modern coders since OOP come around.
Pidgin has no OOP to speak of, so your concern is unwarranted.
> * Looking for wisdom. Finding stubbornness *
Is that a mirror you are looking at?

Please, try to be more polite in the future.


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