f00a8560: Use up the last padding for PurplePlugin...

Gary Kramlich grim at
Mon May 5 08:25:18 EDT 2008

sadrul at wrote:

> ChangeLog: 
> Use up the last padding for PurplePluginProtocolInfo in a way that allows
> adding newer functions without causing any major version bump. This is
> based on the changes from the .vv branch. I changed the
> PURPLE_PROTOCOL_PLUGIN_HAS_FUNC macro a little so it can be used for the
> old as well as the new functions. Someone should confirm this looks OK.
Is this really necessary?  I mean, do we really want to complicated the 
API in this manner?  For example, right now the PrplInfo is the only 
thing using this, while all of our other structs lack it (ie: 
PurplePlugin, *UiOps, to name a few).

It seems to me, that the best idea is to use whats available, and if we 
need more, wait until a major bump.  Yes this has implications, like not 
being able to add feature X until release Y.0.0, but is that really a 
concern?  Even then, we have already identified that the PrplInfo struct 
needs more place holders, so at 3.0.0 just add 8 new reserved pointers 
rather than confuse everyone and cause inconsistency in the API.

Gary Kramlich

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