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> Revision: f00a8560ccde5ca23be0911c55f8914f49e80c41
> Ancestor: d2b411c3bdf299282e63ddaf7dd798f86b2993c8
> Author: sadrul at
> Date: 2008-05-05T06:19:46
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> Use up the last padding for PurplePluginProtocolInfo in a way that allows
> adding newer functions without causing any major version bump. This is
> based on the changes from the .vv branch. I changed the
> PURPLE_PROTOCOL_PLUGIN_HAS_FUNC macro a little so it can be used for the
> old as well as the new functions. Someone should confirm this looks OK.

This is something that I wish we had done for 2.0.0 as the first struct

I think there is value in doing this, but arguably it'd be better to put it
in 3.0.0 and then direct our efforts to getting that out the door instead of
squeezing it into  next.minor.

My 0.02.
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