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Ethan Blanton eblanton at
Mon May 5 13:27:51 EDT 2008

Gary Kramlich spake unto us the following wisdom:
> The fact that it's been in the vv branch for a while now seems like
> nothing more than a red herring to me.  I mean vv is going to be a major
> bump.  Theres no reason we can't add everything we need, and then add
> some obscene number of reserved slots.

I agree that .vv is a red herring.

> Also, the fact that we're even looking at this, to me, says that we
> don't want to follow the rules we all agreed to about our versioning.  I
> mean, if we need to add another member and don't have room, is there any
> reason feature X is that important that we need to work around a our own
> rules, and that just seems silly to me.

The thing is, this *isn't* breaking our rules -- our rules are about
ABI compatability, not "prettiness".  I think this is an ugly hack,
and I don't like it from a principle standpoint, but I don't see any
reason why it's illegitimate from the ABI side.


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