pidgin: fe68f3ce: A patch from QuLogic to replace the libn...

Elliott Sales de Andrade quantum.analyst at
Sat May 10 18:29:37 EDT 2008

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Stu Tomlinson <stu at> wrote:
> Fails to build on Fedora 8, NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3370.fc8:
> network.c: In function 'purple_network_init':
> network.c:741: error: 'NM_DBUS_SIGNAL_STATE_CHANGE' undeclared (first use in this function)
> network.c:741: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> network.c:741: error: for each function it appears in.)
> network.c: In function 'purple_network_uninit':
> network.c:767: error: 'NM_DBUS_SIGNAL_STATE_CHANGE' undeclared (first use in this function)
> make: *** [network.lo] Error 1
> The #define for NM_DBUS_SIGNAL_STATE_CHANGE was removed from
> NetworkManager a while ago:
> I don't know if this means the signals necessary have changed, or if we
> can just replace NM_DBUS_SIGNAL_STATE_CHANGE with "StateChange"

And in the previous revision: "Totally break NetworkManager. Please
use 0.6 branch until futher notice." ;)

But anyway, it looks like NM_DBUS_SIGNAL_STATE_CHANGE  was replaced
with "StateChanged" (note the extra 'd'). However, the "StateChange"
signal still exists for backwards compatibility. Until (or if?) we
decide to do fun things with NetworkManager 0.7's multiple network
support, I think we can just stick with "StateChange" (no 'd') and not
need to bother with any version checks. You'll have to try it out
yourself, though, because I don't have NM 0.7.

> Also, why are we not using pkg-config to find NetworkManager headers?

The next commit takes care of that, I think.

> Regards,
> Stu.

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