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SHiNE csyfek at gmail.com
Wed May 21 11:24:28 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm SHiNE CsyFeK. My companions and I have worked on OpenQ since last year.

QQ prpl, commonly known as OpenQ, has been maintained by our team since Mark
Huetsch last modified. Most bug reports relative to logging problem and
chatting are because the protocols nowaday qq prpl using is compatible with
QQ 2005.

It's quite clear that QQ 2005 CANNOT login into QQ servers. Mark did a lot
of work to fix memory leak and rewrite some outdated functions. Some patches
I've made were merged by Mark too. In Mark's letter, he told me that we
could write any patches as we want and he would upload them for us. So, I
setup a mailing list in googlegroup for people who are interested in
developing OpenQ last year.

I'm very happy that OpenQ and Gaim(Pidgin) has many fans in China, we get
much help from our friends! Soon, we began to discuss what actually prevent
OpenQ from developing, and how to reconstruct it. Actually we have made a
new OpenQ framework in early 2008, but khc told us we should break the whole
sources into small patches so that he can commit them to Pidgin. We did it.
Today, you can see patches from 01 to 05 which I sent with tickets. Our team
keep a ChangeLog for describing what we have done.

We are happy that we can get the project forward and we are willing to
commit access to the Pidgin source code repository. We are not familiar with
using Monotone, but I think learning it wouldn't be a hard work. I use Darcs
as the DVCS at present. OpenQ won't change other code in libpurple or
Pidgin, of course, we will submit a ticket first if we intend to.

Thank you very much!


Freedom is best thing of the world!
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