Pidgin Manual proposal - need some feedback

Ananda Samaddar ananda.samaddar at
Fri May 30 20:45:20 EDT 2008

I've posted about on this topic under and old address.  New job and all
meant that I couldn't sort this out till now.  Anyway here goes.  This
is a rough proposal for writing a manual for Pidgin.  The main thing is
that this manual should be usable by the non-technical.  Lots of
screenshots and clearly written text.  Remember this is only a proposal,
please post comments and constructive criticisms.

I still haven't decided what will be the best format in which to write
the manual.  Personally I'd prefer to use LyX.  My justification for
this is:

1. LyX is FLOSS
2. The LyX document format is open and can be exported to several
different formats.
3. LyX is cross platform.
4. Good compromise between GUI and markup based approaches.
5. I know how to use it!

Licensing: GFDL?

Potential Headings:

Why use Pidgin?
Installing Pidgin (Win, GNU/Linux, OSX, *BSD)
Navigating the GUI
Adding an account to Pidgin (show examples for MSN, AIM, Yahoo, XMPP
Chat Features (file transfer, Pidgin specific)
Using Plugins (including how to configure plugins, eg OTR)

I am also proposing creating all screenshots under Windows with the
'Classic' theme.  This is for purposes of uniformity.

The above is only a rough proposal and there will be a lot of
omissions.  This isn't a party invite but - RSVP!


Ananda Samaddar

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