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Richard Laager rlaager at
Thu Nov 13 03:06:34 EST 2008

At long last, like a year later, I've finally gotten back on this. I'm
very sorry for the delay. It's not an excuse, but I just couldn't muster
up the energy to look at it when the plan was to maintain both blocking
and non-blocking code simultaneously. That'd be a mess. That's changed.
See #2 below.

I've merged this branch up with the current im.pidgin.pidgin trunk and
pushed it. It's still im.pidgin.soc.2007.remotelogging, as I haven't
tested or reviewed it yet.

Things needing to happen before this can be merged to trunk:
1. There are several TODOs in the code that need to be addressed.
2. The new plan is that we'll release this with other
backwards-incompatible changes as a 3.0.0. Therefore, all the
synchronous (blocking) functions and related code need to die, leaving
ONLY the new, non-blocking code.
3. Someone (me or otherwise) needs to review this code.

After those things are done, I'd like to see the file-based loggers be
extended to use the GNOME GVFS layer, if present, for non-blocking file
IO. (If not, it should fall back to fread() and such like it uses now.)
However, this isn't a requirement to getting this code merged.

If you're still interested in this project, I'm serious about making it
happen for 3.0.0 and would love any help I can get.

To avoid needing me to merge things, I can give you push access to our
central Monotone server, with the understanding that you would only
commit to this branch (or with prior approval from a developer). If
you'd like to go this route, please let me know.

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