Yahoo! Improvement SoC Project

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Nov 16 11:59:33 EST 2008

Sulabh Mahajan wrote:
> As of now I have completed the following tasks in this project:

P2P file transfer may solve a few complaints about file transfer on yahoo,
although there are fewer than I remembered.  Hopefully this is merge-ready.

SMS has been requested a number of times, so that should satisfy a lot of users.
 Sounds like this code is already pretty much as good as it can be.  (Note I
haven't looked at any of it yet)

> 3. MSN Interoperability
> We differentiate between yahoo ids and Windows Live ids by the fact that
> a yahoo id is just a simple id, whereas a Windows Live id would be an
> email address. So a buddy with "@" is treated as windows live id, else
> its yahoo's.
> Its suboptimal, in the way that users might unknowingly add their yahoo
> buddies with whole yahoo email id, and it will end up being added as a
> Windows Live id. But this is best I could have done without changing
> libpurple. Also we still don't support those yahoo ids that do not end
> in @yahoo

Yes, this is definitely suboptimal.  Yahoo has a number of domains for which the
 full email address is a valid Yahoo ID and is required to log in or to add the
account as a buddy.  A prime example of this is, the domain for
former SBC DSL customers.  There are a number of others, but I don't recall all
of them at this point.

One thing that could be done, which has been suggested before but I believe we
weren't particularly fond of, is do something along the lines of
msn/rekkanoryo at (the msn/ being case-insensitive, of course) to
differentiate an MSN account.  Perhaps wlm/ would be wise to implement too if
this route is taken.  This would allow the prpl to handle the request properly
by stripping off the four characters and then adding the buddy as appropriate
for the cross-network bridge.  I believe a similar path was suggested and
rejected for the MSN prpl as well.

Or, if the yahoo server sends an appropriate error, we could always try to add
whatever the user specifies as a yahoo account, and if that fails, then add as
an MSN account.  This would depend on the yahoo servers sending appropriate
errors for attempts to add non-existant yahoo ID's.


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