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Sulabh Mahajan at
Tue Nov 18 22:00:35 EST 2008

> One thing that could be done, which has been suggested before but I believe
> we
> weren't particularly fond of, is do something along the lines of
> msn/rekkanoryo at (the msn/ being case-insensitive, of course)
> to
> differentiate an MSN account.  Perhaps wlm/ would be wise to implement too
> if
> this route is taken.  This would allow the prpl to handle the request
> properly
> by stripping off the four characters and then adding the buddy as
> appropriate
> for the cross-network bridge.  I believe a similar path was suggested and
> rejected for the MSN prpl as well.
> Or, if the yahoo server sends an appropriate error, we could always try to
> add
> whatever the user specifies as a yahoo account, and if that fails, then add
> as
> an MSN account.  This would depend on the yahoo servers sending appropriate
> errors for attempts to add non-existant yahoo ID's.

wlm/<<email id>> can be done, for the time being, till we find some other
way out. You cant depend upon the yahoo servers for providing an appropriate
error, for example for the case of, a user can add say
abc at both as yahoo id, and as a wlm id, and in both case user
will need to provide the complete email address for it. We wont be able to
decide, server will give us no error.

It has been discussed before as well, that the libpurple needs to be
modified allowing protocols to provide more data along with user id for
adding buddy or sending IM. There is a need to associate some metadata for
those two. The "Add Buddy" and "New Instant Message" need to be modified.

But thats too much work for the time I have these days.

Till I get some better suggestion, I should follow "wlm/<<email id>>"

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