Plugin devel - registering a handler for xmpp iq - not working

Arne König arne.ko at
Fri Nov 21 06:34:06 EST 2008

Michal Witkowski schrieb:
> Oh. Nice :) Still, I have a question about the "without freeing it" part. I shouldn't free 
> it because it's done somewhere within xmlnode.h as packet is a part of xml node tree, 
> right?

Come to think of it, freeing it might actually be a good idea. Sorry.

> Moreover, I don't see any code which would generate a warning. AFAICS in 
> jabber_process_packet() there is:
> 	if(NULL == *packet)
> 		return;
> which just drops the further processing of the packet. I can't see any warning generation. 
> Could you please clarify?

The parser will try to free it. Hence every time you 'steal' a packet
the debug console produces the following warning:

 g_log: xmlnode_free: assertion `node != NULL' failed

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