pidgin / libpurple Qt gui ?

Phil Hannent phil at
Tue Nov 25 05:56:02 EST 2008

M. Peterson wrote:
> is there any Qt gui for libpurple / pidgin?
> anyone interested?
> Thanks for any pointer..

I am interested, there was someone that tried it last year and fell down
at threading, if I recall the outcome.  I had meant to look them up and
see what happened.

You should remember it is a mammoth task when you consider things like
the buddy list and conversation windows will need to be recreated. 
Basically everything in the Pidgin folder in the source tree will have
to be re-implemented at some stage.

I think I got as far as copying the Pidgin folder to one call Quail,
which I thought was a great name for it at the time.

If I were you I would start by seeing if the author of the first attempt
will share their code.

Phil Hannent

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