pidgin / libpurple Qt gui ?

Benjamin Arnaud bunjeee at
Tue Nov 25 14:29:37 EST 2008

Hi guys,

I did a messenger based on Qt + libpurple.
It's currently running and compiling on windows. You can check the result here :

My implementation was basically working like this :
- a Qt main thread for the GUI.
- a libpurple GLIB thread for all its callback.

You've got to know that the lib purple is not designed at all for working outside a Glib environment.
So what I did was connecting libpurple functions with signals to my GUI in Qt to keep as much abstraction as possible.

I also had several bugs and glitches in Windows (that were reproducible in pidgin), but I was working with 2.3.0 purple API.
I remember a crash when blocking a jabber account you were connected to with another one, 
I thought it was me before realizing my pidgin was crashing the same way (even though crashes were in my code most of the time :-)).

I have recently decided to do a rehash of the low level library I'm using to develop my apps in Qt.
So I have plans to make a full featured -properly relased- and multiplateform codename messenger v2.

That implementation will be under the GPL license so you will be able to reuse my code as you wish.

And yes it's a "mammoth task" to reimplement everything, but if you stick to the core, it's definitely doable.

Benjamin Arnaud.
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  Hello Phil, hello bunjee

  thanks for the support and hints.
  If you like, we can add you to retromessenger mailinglist, and if you want to work as well with us in the Qt RetroMessenger (serverless Messaging) we can create that gui.,
  Then we want to implement RetroMessenger Qt into the new browser
  There is the idea , to bring libretroshare as well to pidgin library libpurple.
  To do this, we thought to make a new messenger like pidgin, but in Qt Code and with libretroshare / Retromessenger.
  Then dooble browser users get all buddies in, with the goal, to use two dooble users the secrue messaging over libretroshare instead of two dooble users using yahoo-yahoo.
  For that any Qt multiprotocol client would be good, but to make the library of pidgin into a Qt gui with retroshare library would be best.
  Do you want to read the dooble list as well or be added to work in the second step a well in the messenger integration into dooble?
  As you speak of a mammoth project, mabye you know telepthy and the D-Bus interface?
  I feel comfortable to use this as well for a multimessenger, we only need to have a lot of protocols as well in the client.
  Thanks for a feeback

  Bunjee, what about you, are you still interested in a Qt multi messenger? and have time to work with us?


  On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 11:56 AM, Phil Hannent <phil at> wrote:

    M. Peterson wrote:
    > is there any Qt gui for libpurple / pidgin?
    > anyone interested?
    > Thanks for any pointer..


    I am interested, there was someone that tried it last year and fell down
    at threading, if I recall the outcome.  I had meant to look them up and
    see what happened.

    You should remember it is a mammoth task when you consider things like
    the buddy list and conversation windows will need to be recreated.
    Basically everything in the Pidgin folder in the source tree will have
    to be re-implemented at some stage.

    I think I got as far as copying the Pidgin folder to one call Quail,
    which I thought was a great name for it at the time.

    If I were you I would start by seeing if the author of the first attempt
    will share their code.

    Phil Hannent

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