Icon Discrepancies

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Sun Nov 30 01:41:08 EST 2008

I was tracking down some assertion failures that occurred on startup and
I noticed they were caused by missing icons. We were missing the 11x11
RTL and 48x48 RTL versions of the log-in.png and log-out.png icons. Upon
further investigation, I discovered that the 48x48 versions that did
exist were actually the RTL ones. On top of that, there were existing
48x48 RTL versions in the rtl directory, but they were named
login/logout instead of log-in/log-out, so I renamed them. For the
non-RTL versions, I scaled the 32x32 ones; see #3 below. To deal with
the 11x11 ones, I copied them into the rtl directory (backwards, because
they need to point the opposite way):

        pidgin/pixmaps/status/11$ cp log-out.png rtl/log-in.png
        pidgin/pixmaps/status/11$ cp log-in.png rtl/log-out.png
        pidgin/pixmaps/status/11$ mtn add rtl/log-*

So, that leaves me with the following questions:
     1. Why are the 11x11 icons all dark gray rather than green and red
        like the arrows in the bigger versions? Should they be changed?
     2. Was there a reason for the 48x48 non-RTL versions to be
        backwards (RTL-style)?
     3. I scaled up the 32x32 non-RTL versions and saved them in
        pidgin/pixmaps/status/48. Can you create real 48x48 icons, if
     4. Another assertion failure was caused by the fact that we have no
        pidgin/pixmaps/status/48/invisible.png. We have all of the other
        sizes (<= 32) of invisible.png. I see that at least those type
        of status icons are created from
        pidgin/pixmaps/status/svg/pidgin-status.svg by a ruby script.
        The SVG file only has 4 sizes though, not 5. Why is that?
     5. I scaled up 32/invisible.png and saved it as 48/invisible.png.
        Can you create a real 48x48 invisible.png? (If we don't need it,
        we can update pidgin/pidginstock.c to reflect that fact.)

The changes I made were committed as revision
c3f6487e649e7fe5c5f960b9c86a256e09b3976e on im.pidgin.pidgin.

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