Pidgin web server

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Oct 17 05:33:29 EDT 2008

Hi!  I'm sure lots of you noticed that (and and monotone and the mailing lists and was down for about two weeks.  The short story
is that we were taking our sweet time trying to find a new hosting
solution which would serve us better, and our old provider mistakenly
thought we were finished with our old server and shut it down.  It
took us a while to get access to our old data, transfer it, and
reconfigure everything.

John Bailey wrote a more elaborate description on his blog, which is
currently the top post here:

Yes, two weeks is a long time.  We all suffered in our own little way
and we're very sorry for the downtime.  Please keep in mind that we're
all volunteers with very busy lives.  My thanks to all the devs who
have helped get things back up and running again (John, Luke, Richard,
Ethan, Daniel? I'm sure I'm missing some of you).

If you still think we're incompetent, I'll try to give you an idea of
all the stuff we had to reconfigure:
* Master name server with records for and
* Slave name server
* Web servers on two servers hosting,,,,, the mailing list
cgis, trac, fastcgi, php
* Trac (with lots of data and some plugins)
* Monotone database served by usher
* Script to make a copy of the monotone database available for users to download
* Script to regenerate
* Planet
* Intrusion detection
* I'm sure I'm leaving off a bunch of little scripts that keep things
running smoothly


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