Status of new servers

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Oct 17 05:43:04 EDT 2008

We've made a lot of progress, but there are still some things we need
to get back up and running.

Stu: Is done?  FYI Stu said he'll try to look at
pastebot soon.  It doesn't seem to be running on rock on
8888. returns 503, service not available.

Me: Need to fix  Nightly doxygen
generation.  Upload docs for a few releases, in addition to just 2.0.0
and 2.2.0.

Anyone: Bring back the mediawiki for  I don't know
where the old data is for this.

Someone familiar with mtn: Do we have a script for cia?  Is that
working?  Do we need /home/monotone/ on rock?  If not, can we get rid
of it (or archive it as /home/monotone.tar.bz2 then remove it later)

Someone with commit access: Replace the dvlabs logo at the bottom of
our webpages with a NetworkRedux logo (you could probably grab the one

Was it Daniel: Re-enable the trac pending script in 2 weeks.

Did I leave anything off?


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