Channeling user's attention and funds to help us implement A/V for Pidgin & Adium

Richard Laager rlaager at
Fri Oct 17 11:46:49 EDT 2008

Now that the mailing list is back up, I thought I'd forward this along.

The idea is certainly an interesting one. The biggest downside that I
can see is that this makes the FOSS Factory project at least somewhat
"official" from our side, which seems to conflict with the idea of IM
Freedom taking donations. That said, since we STILL don't have an IM
Freedom donation page up, perhaps we should abandon that idea?


On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 11:37 -0400, Abdullah Bakhach wrote:
> Hi you guys,
> I'm writing this email to both teams that are working on implementing
> a/v to Pidgin and Adium since it talks about a subject of mutual
> interest, the subject is how can get the community involved in helping
> us get this job done. 
> I have been testing with both clients across all three OS platforms
> (Win Linux and Mac) with a variety of IM clients (yahoo msn google
> etc) and I noticed that whenever someone tries to initiate an audio
> for video chat session with me when I'm using Pidgin or Adium, nothing
> happens.  No error message is displayed, in fact nothing happens at
> all.  The other party just sees a message that looks like "attempting
> to initiate chat session" and just keeps on waiting. 
> The only thing mentioned about the subject is a note in Adium's help
> documentation.. if someone searches for audio or video help this
> message is displayed
> Adium currently does not support Audio Chatting or Video Conferencing.
> Adium's developers understand that these are highly demanded additions
> to Adium and may incorporate these at some point in the future.
> What I'm suggesting here is that a patch gets implemented on both
> clients that directs users at the right times (ie when someone
> attempts to A/V chat with them, or when they are attempting to
> initiate an A/V session themselves, search for it in help etc) to the
> corresponding projects on FOSS Factory.  The message should say
> something like: this project is under development, click here to
> support it by donations or by code (that's the most basic form, to
> make it even better the widget could actually display how much money
> is being donated, how many subprojects there are how many submissions
> etc etc) This kind of contextualized donation would be IMHO a lot more
> attractive to donors than a simple "donate now" button on your
> homepages.  
> Please give me your thoughts on the idea.  I think if implemented this
> widget could bring a lot of life to the project and provide a good
> example to follow for other features in Pidgin and Gaim and other open
> source projects in general. 
> Looking forward to your feedback.
> Abdullah Bakhach
> FOSS Factory
> President & co-founder
> 519.505.0602
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