language translation in Pidgin.

arun kumar arunkumar0107 at
Mon Oct 20 06:20:03 EDT 2008

hi everybody,

im working on a project which aims at integrating language translation
feature in a chat engine. i have opted PIDGIN as the desired chat
engine since it is open source ,i can manipulate its code.

the main idea of the project is to help out users who want to exchange
their thoughts and ideas but do not  share a common language to

for example,  a user in france who understands only french wants to
chat with a  user in japan who understands only japanese. Now i want
to integrate language translation feature in Pidgin so that they can
chat using their own native languages.

Im not sure whether i need to write a protocol between translation
APIs and Pidgin so that they can talk between each other.Also i need
to perform transliteration because the users would be using english
keyboard to type in their native language.So again not sure whether i
need to write a protocol between transliteration software and Pidgin.

Also i need to detect the incoming language for a user and then
convert it into the native language of the user.

Please help me about how to go on from here with respect to
implementation. that is which language or software to be used as
protocols. how to integrate apis..............

anything will be appreciated.

with regards,


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