language translation in Pidgin.

Marcus Lundblad ml at
Mon Oct 20 13:38:11 EDT 2008

mån 2008-10-20 klockan 03:20 -0700 skrev arun kumar:
> hi everybody,
> im working on a project which aims at integrating language translation
> feature in a chat engine. i have opted PIDGIN as the desired chat
> engine since it is open source ,i can manipulate its code.
> the main idea of the project is to help out users who want to exchange
> their thoughts and ideas but do not  share a common language to
> communicate.
> for example,  a user in france who understands only french wants to
> chat with a  user in japan who understands only japanese. Now i want
> to integrate language translation feature in Pidgin so that they can
> chat using their own native languages.
> Im not sure whether i need to write a protocol between translation
> APIs and Pidgin so that they can talk between each other.Also i need
> to perform transliteration because the users would be using english
> keyboard to type in their native language.So again not sure whether i
> need to write a protocol between transliteration software and Pidgin.
> Also i need to detect the incoming language for a user and then
> convert it into the native language of the user.
> Please help me about how to go on from here with respect to
> implementation. that is which language or software to be used as
> protocols. how to integrate apis..............
Google also have translation bots for some languages, unfortunatly they
only work for gmail accounts (not arbitrary XMPP services).


> anything will be appreciated.
> with regards,
> Arun
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