Jabber Error reading XML Data

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Sep 1 17:01:14 EDT 2008

Phil Hannent wrote:
> Jens Franik wrote:
>> Pidgin 2.5.1
>> connecting to jabber.org i always often get "Error Reading XML Data" and
>> the Connection drops right after establishing.
>> Google Talk is working fine with Protocol XMPP and Hab.la is working on
>> XMPP too - only jabber makes Problems.
>> This has been a problem in recent Versions too - should i connect to
>> another Server of Jabber (Server Problem jabber.org) or is there
>> anything i could do in Pidgin Config?
> Could you capture the output from the debug window when this event 
> occurs, this might help explain more about what is happening around the 
> same time?

This is most likely a problem with the encoding of data provided by the 
jabber.org IM service (we had some database issues when we migrated from 
ejabberd 1.x to ejabberd 2.x, resulting in incorrect encoding of contact 
nicknames). I've pinged Jens about this off-list and I think I've fixed 
the problem for him.


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