Using libpurple in QuteCom (but with assertion fails)

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Sep 3 10:42:18 EDT 2008

James Wald spake unto us the following wisdom:
> 2008/9/3 Jan Kaláb <pitel at>:
> > Ok, now the first fail is caused by function
> > purple_account_get_status at account.c (to be more precise by the
> > return statement).
> I assume you applied the patch from #6904?  Try running Pidgin with
> G_DEBUG=fatal_criticals in gdb.  This will allow you to get a
> backtrace at the assert() failure:
> G_DEBUG=fatal_criticals gdb pidgin

This is useful only if the assertion is the actual problem.

> > What's the "presence" thing?
> I believe that is just a flag which indicates whether or not purple
> was found.  I have had those problems when I compiled Pidgin but did
> not "make install" it.  That is actually how I discovered and fixed
> the asserts in #6904.

It is not.  From status.h:

    A PurplePresence is like a collection of PurpleStatuses (plus some
    other random info).  For any buddy, or for any one of your
    accounts, or for any person you're chatting with, you may know
    various amounts of information.  This information is all contained
    in one PurplePresence.  If one of your buddies is away and idle,
    then the presence contains the PurpleStatus for their awayness,
    and it contains their current idle time.  PurplePresences are
    never saved to disk.  The information they contain is only
    relevent for the current PurpleSession.


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