libpurple: personal message != status message

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Wed Sep 10 06:25:50 EDT 2008

2008/9/10 Phil Hannent <phil at>:
> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> I just created a new ticket for proper support for personal messages,
>> which should not behave as status messages:
>> For some opinions, and votes check:
>> Many msn-pecan users were unable to find out how to set the personal
>> message, so I had to add an entry in the FAQ. That sounds like a bad
>> UI.
> Your lack of explaination is confusing.  How is personal messages different
> from custom status message?
> Does MSN have custom status messages and personal messages?
> I thought it was a different name for the same thing?

It has been discussed before.

Basically, a personal message has absolutely nothing to do with the
status. That means that you should not need to interact with the
status selector in order to change your message. It also means that if
you change your status, your personal message should not change.

Felipe Contreras

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