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Will Thompson will at
Wed Sep 10 06:48:38 EDT 2008

On 10/09/08 11:25, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> It has been discussed before.
> Basically, a personal message has absolutely nothing to do with the
> status. That means that you should not need to interact with the
> status selector in order to change your message. It also means that if
> you change your status, your personal message should not change.
I feel like this problem would go away if the status selector did not
erase the message text when you switch from Available to Away.  At one
point, that was the behaviour, but it was changed for reasons I don't

This isn't an MSN-specific issue. I sometimes use my status message on
all networks to say something like “getting a sandwich; back in 5”, and
sometimes for the kind of thing people might use for their “status” on
Facebook or send as a Twitter message. Judging by MSN users I know, the
latter style of message is what you are referring to by “personal
message”, and the former by “status message”. Do you imagine there being
two separate boxes for the two different style of message?

(This is also conflated with the “different status for different
accounts” use case; I might want my status on my work account to be
«Available: “hacking on gabble”» while my personal accounts say «Busy:
“my hovercraft is full of eels!”», which is currently hard to achieve in


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