Using libpurple in QuteCom (but with assertion fails)

Jan Kaláb pitel at
Wed Sep 10 09:50:56 EDT 2008

Sorry for no response for a long time, I just noticed in mailing
list archive there are some reposnses. So...

I just spent a week looking for differences beween the old libpurple
which worked with QuteCom and new, which ends with assertion fails.
And I didn't found relevant change about presence. :(

I'm not sure if I can use gdb to perfectly debug it, since we're
only using libpurple, not pidgin and neither finch. We use some
wrapper to use libpurple. Main developer of Qutecom told me it might
be buggy by design, but it worked with libpurple so far. And if I
use gdb with QuteCom, it somehow doesn't work. But I'll try to solve
it on QuteCom mailinglist.

Maybe you should know I run ./compile with following parameters:

/* configure arguments */
#define CONFIG_ARGS " '--disable-gtkui' '--disable-consoleui'
'--disable-gstreamer' '--disable-meanwhile' '--disable-avahi'
'--disable-nm' '--disable-perl' '--disable-tcl' '--disable-sm'
'--disable-gestures' '--disable-dbus' '--disable-pixmaps-install'"

and then I had to manually add:

#define DATADIR ""
#define LOCALEDIR ""
#define LIBDIR ""
#define SYSCONFDIR ""

I hope this doesn't cause the problem.

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