Continuous builds

Achton N. Netherclift achton at
Wed Sep 10 17:17:49 EDT 2008

Ibrahim Awwal wrote:
> has been doing nightly builds of Gaim/Pidgin for a long
> time, at least for Windows. They're more like weekly/whenever he
> builds them but they've existed for a while. At one point I had a
> batch file on my computer to check for new builds and download and
> extract them automatically using wget and gzip but I don't do that
> anymore. The site is
I have really just hacked a shellscript together that does what I need
(I crosscompile). There's no real integration testing or checks of
anything beyond what make returns to the script. It's useful to me
because I enjoy the Win32 nightlies and want to share with anyone
interested, but for anything as serious checking if the buildprocess
actually functions correctly, I'd go with someone who builds for a living ;)

Oh, and just for the record, my page links to this FAQ:

Achton aka Geddeth (.dk)

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