Status Messages Vs Personal Messages

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Fri Sep 12 03:21:11 EDT 2008


Richard Laager wrote:
> statuses. I highly doubt there are enough users who frequently go from
> *having no message* to *typing a message* to outweigh the users who
> never use a message.
I just want to throw in my use case, for what I'm using the status message:

Usually I do only set a status message, when I'm away, extended away or
do not disturb. My message is usually explaining the reason of the
awayness (Lunch, meeting, busy for whatever reason, ...) As soon as I
switch to available / invisible this message is obsolete.

Maybe that was the reason some people complained about the staying
status message and why it was changed in the first place?

Note: I'm fine with status message being erased, but also with any other
option (be it a preference or just leaving the old message. As Sean
said, it's not that hard to delete it manually...)


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