Status Messages Vs Personal Messages

Josh Mueller minielim at
Sat Sep 20 16:18:27 EDT 2008

2008/9/11 Richard Laager <rlaager at>:
> I don't think we need to change this because I believe most people
> (especially if the status box will be keeping the status, as it now
> does) will either always have a message or never have a message. The
> next most common use case will be messages attached to particular saved
> statuses. I highly doubt there are enough users who frequently go from
> *having no message* to *typing a message* to outweigh the users who
> never use a message.

I fit into the second and third use cases. I normally use saved
statuses when I am away (many times a day), no satus when I am
available (many times a day), and occasionally type a message when one
of my saved statuses doesn't fit the reason that I am away (a couple
of times a week).

As it looks like the status message will stay when the status changes,
I request that it be made to select the text when the status is
changed. This would allow one to very easily remove the text when it
is no longer needed.

Josh Mueller

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