Multiple proxies for one protocol

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Fri Sep 12 05:07:12 EDT 2008

Hi all,

sorry for the strange subject, but I didn't know how to summarize it better.

Recently we got a more restrictive firewall at work. Now port 443 and 80
are blocked and can only be accessed via a proxy server.

MSNs default port (1863) isn't blocked within the firewall, but I'm
unable to get my account connected. If I try to connect to MSN, the
debug window shows, after successfully establishing a connection to, that I'm redirected to ""
for user authentication. Thats a problem, because that port is blocked.

The original MSN client (as well as Miranda) use a direct connection for
1863 and use the IE proxy settings for 443.

Using the HTTP method doesn't work (I think the proxy appliance has a
problem with it, though the IT department did not block it intentionally).

Has anyone here a solution for that? Or would it make sense to change
Pidgins proxy handling? My idea is not to use proxies per account, but
rather have a global proxy configuration based on ports. E.g port 1863
-> socks-proxy x, port 5191 -> no proxy, port 80 -> http-proxy y

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