"Personal bar" mock-up

Wolter Hellmund whellmundv at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 12:36:49 EDT 2008

MAURER Elisée wrote:
> Hello Wolter,
> Yes I read your suggestion about the "me" bar, in fact I thought I had
> included the URLs of two threads that inspired my mockup, including
> yours. It looks like they got ripped off my mail.
> Actually there is no plug-in or anything right now. It's just a
> mock-up that I've drawn under The Gimp. But hopefully Pidgin devs will
> find it useful and add something similar into a future version.
> Anyway, maybe you'd better have answered to the whole list rather than
> Just me, so the Pidgin developers would have seen your support to the
> mock-up :).
> Elisée
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> Elisée Maurer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm a happy user of Pidgin, which, though not perfect, is a valuable
>> application that I enjoy using. I've been previously using other IM
>> clients including emesene, WLM, Gajim, Skype, etc.
>> First of all, thanks to everyone involved for the hard work that has
>> been put to create Pidgin.
>> I've been reading the Pidgin devel mailing list for a while now, and
>> thought I'd do a mock-up with a few changes in the contact list window
>> to (hopefully) address some issues.
>> The mock-up is available online here:
>> http://polyprograms.free.fr/pidgin-contact-list/
>> There are 2 images, the contact list alone and the contact list along
>> with explanations.
>> >From my point of view, the mock-up presents a more user-friendly UI than
>> the current one. People should have no problem changing their status or
>> personal message with the modified drop-down menu.
>> It also clearly separate the two different concepts of status and
>> personal message, which correspond to different use cases. It also
>> provides a protocol-transparent way to combine status info and personal
>> msg, circumventing the protocols' limitations.
>> I think getting feedback of your current identity (display name, status
>> and personal message) at a glance is rather important, thus the "me" bar
>> (which could be placed at the bottom instead of the top).
>> Based on my knowledge of GTK+, I think all the proposed UI changes are
>> implementable without requiring to design new widgets or anything.
>> I hope this helps in some way :). Feel free to comment or ignore.
>> --
>> Elisée
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> Wow! That is awesome! I do not know if you read my "me" bar suggestion,
> or if you came up with this yourself, but anyway, that was just what I
> was looking for! Em... so is the pidgin team going to include it in the
> next version? If not, where can I download the plugin or whatever it is?

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