How to access status_text method from purple??

Christopher Jiménez cjimenez16 at
Sun Apr 5 18:45:42 EDT 2009

I am trying to find some info about this but I cant find any. I am very new
to libpurple and its arquitecture.
I am currently building chat client for school, and I need to get the
messages that people put on their social network accounts. In all pluggins
and protocols I see the function status_text defined, I am pretty sure that
is the one that I am looking.
But how can I access the function from purple?
Is there an access method on blist.c that I can use? or maybe in status.c.?
Or maybe something like purple_status_get_attr_string(PurpleStatus
*status,"???ID??"). I was able to show name and alias because they can be
access from the PurpleBuddy class, but I cant find how to access this info.
Any help will be much appreciated
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