Looking For Pidgin Expert For Hire

Lance Cleveland (CSL) charlestonsw at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 12:25:35 EDT 2009

We are looking to build a self-branded desktop client based on Pidgin.   
Along with the rather basic "skinning" issues, we also want to build in 
some functionality based on a jabber based service we'll be operating 
that includes a visual indicator that lets desktop users know when other 
3DChat.com users are "in world".   I can explain more, but this is not 
the proper forum.

What is proper, I think, is asking where I can find a Pidgin guru that 
can code some of this trickery for us.   Preferably a company with more 
than one guy as a resource, but a really great "solo artist" would 
suffice.   If you are interested, or know where I can find a list of 
developers that would be very helpful.

While I could code this myself, I'm a bit busy coordinating the game 
developers, web developers, marketing people, and the rest of the 
team... so my time for coding C libs is somewhat limited.

Also - if there is a better/more appropriate forum for this type of 
request feel free to ping me directly.


Best Regards,
Lance P. Cleveland, CTO
3D Chat.com Inc.
e: lance at 3dchat.com
o: 800.800.7145
o: 339.933.4770
c: 800.932.2677

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